Play Bags at union 32 this summer!

 Register your team for the U32 Summer Bags League and enjoy Sunday afternoons on the patio.

There will be 100% Cash payout
to the winning team

The Summer League Fee is $40 per team payable in cash at Union 32 Craft House.  Only cash will be accepted. To sign-up, fill in and submit the form below. Registration is not complete until you have paid onsite.  The first 12 teams to sign-up are in!    See game rules and more details below.


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Team Captian
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•    League play is Sunday beginning at 12pm. We encourage teams to arrive before 11:40am to get situated.
•    League starts June 3rd and ends September 30th (No games on 8/5, 8/12 and 9/2).
•    Each player on the team must sign safety & “of age” drinking waiver.
•    Teams should be 2-4 players and can be male, female, or both.
•    Forfeits take effect if a team does not have at least two players present within 10 minutes after the game’s start time.

Game Format
•    Each team plays TWO head to head games per day.
•    A game is best 2 of 3 rounds format or 27 minutes, whichever comes first.
•    The winner of the round is awarded 1 point.  
•    Winner is the first team to 21, must be exactly 21, if you go over. You must go back to 15.
•    Each team gets four bags to throw per turn. A turn is complete when all 8 bags have been thrown.
•    Teams can decide who goes first. The point winner of that turn will then go first the next turn.
•    A player must throw their bags from behind the box.
•    Each player has 30 seconds to throw a bag, otherwise that player and team forfeit that bag for that turn.

Game Play
•    A bag that goes in the hole is worth three points. A bag that is on top of the board is worth one point.
•    A bag that is either touching the ground or has bounced from the ground to the board is considered out of play.
•    Points cancel each other out. For example if Team A throws a bag in the hole and Team B throws a bag in the hole, there are no points.
•    The first player of each round to throw must say out loud the current score.
•    You may knock bags off the board or in the hole.
•    Fill in score sheets and drop them at the bar after league.

Tie Breakers
•    If a game is not decided at the 27 minute mark the teams must complete the turn they are on. The team with the highest point total in that round wins that round. This includes games that are still in round 1 or round 3. Sudden death occurs if there is a tie.
•    In the case that a game ends on round 2 and each team has won one round then a game goes to sudden death.
•    Sudden Death: The team that did not start play the first round will start play for sudden death. This team throws one bag. The opposing team will then throw a bag trying to outscore the other team. This will continue until a winner is determined (i.e. Team A throws a bag and it lands on the board. Team B throws a bag in the hole then the game is over. If Team B landed on the board then Team A would throw again and son on.)
•    Obviously, no carry-on beverages. Not only is this unethical, it is illegal. If this happens your team is eliminated from the league, and authorities may be notified.

Bean Bag Waiver

Please print and sign this waiver and bring it with you the first day of play.

Email with any questions,
ideas or suggestions.